Department of Sociology

About Department

Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Arts, Commerce and Science were established in 1972. The Sociology department was also established at the same time and started catering education to first year students. The first graduation batch came out in 1975. Mr. S. N. Dutonde was appointed as a lecturer in sociology and carried responsibility as Head of the department. He served in the department for 28 years. The department made progress under his guidance. He was retired from the service on 31th May 2002. Dr. A. D. Sable was appointed as a lecturer in sociology department and he supported the department. Dr. G. N. More was appointed as a lecturer in the department of sociology on 1th October 2003. He is looking after responsibility of Head of the department up till now. 10 December 2007 Mrs. I. C. Salunke was appointed as a lecturer in the department of sociology.

The faculty of sociology department always actively participate in various conference, seminar and workshops. Students of sociology department also actively participate in the social responsibilities, extension activities and cultural events organized by the department of NSS, NCC, and Lifelong learning and extension activities. We always encourage the students to take part in the social activities. Sociology department is working according to the following objectives.

  • Create an interest among the students in sociology.
  • To create social awareness and social responsibility among the students.
  • Motivate students for social research in order to know social reality overall development of the students.

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1Dr. GANGADHAR N. MORE (HOD)8275430557



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