About Department

Importance of English:-

The importance of English as a global language cannot be denied in the contemporary world. English has emerged as a universal language spoken all over the world. There are some general aims of learning English in India which are unchanging. They relate to the fact that English is a world language. It also acts as a link between the centre and states and between the various language groups in India. Secondly, English is learnt as a library language for acquiring the knowledge of Science and Technology, Trade and Commerce. Thirdly, English acts as a window on the world of several branches of knowledge including literature, arts and music.

Scope of English:

English language endeavors to meet the linguistic need of the vocational as well as academic stream. It aims at preparing the learner linguistically to undertake different professional courses like Medicine, Engineering, to pursue different types of courses in various streams such as Science, Humanities, Commerce, Agriculture, etc. It also aims at helping the learner to face the wider world of work. Thus, the scope of English language is quite broad and applicable in all walks of life.

Introduction of Department:

The Department of English was established in 1972 and ever since the department is imparting education of English in diverse disciplines. Apart from the traditional BA, B.Com and B.Sc. disciplines the department also runs other courses to impart the knowledge of English the department has effectively disseminated the knowledge of English language and literature. The department ran a Certificate Course in Translation Proficiency in English. The department introduced PG course in 2016. Prof. N.Y. Kanade and Prof. Nerpawar had been working in the department. Both of them have retired now. At present two full time teachers and two part time teachers are working in the department. Dr. Rupali Palodkar is the head of the department, Dr. J.D. Pardeshi, Dr.Smt. T. R. Dawkhar and Dr. V.C. Shelke are working in the department. All the faculties of the department are PhD holders competent enough and devoted to their work.

Language Laboratory:

In today’s competitive world technology is bringing innovative changes in language and literature. Considering this, the college has set up a well-furnished language laboratory having a licensed ORELL Digital Language Lab Software (Premium Edition) in the department of English. English Language Laboratory comprises of 01 Server and 16 Clients with designed software to give students a unique and customizable learning experience. The language lab has 01 teacher console, 16 student consoles and a LCD Projector. The Language Lab improves students’ communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. This also facilitates to the teacher to conduct tests and assignments to evaluate the students’ comprehension. Thus, the English department and Language Lab are proving to be imperative for the linguistic development of the students.

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3Dr. Tejaswi Rajendra Dawkhar7248919909


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