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Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Arts Commerce and Science where established in 1972. The Economics  department was also established at the same time and started catering education to B A first year student. The first year graduation base came out in 1975.  Mr P.A. Nemade  was appointed as a lecturer in economics and carried responsibility as Head of the department. Mr P.A. Nemade was the first Lecturer of the department of economics.  He served in the department for 30 years. The department made progress under his guidance. He was retired from the service on December 2002. Dr B.R. Sonawane was appointed as a lecturer in Economics department and supported the department.  Dr. N.S. Gedam was appointed as a Assistant Professor in the department of Economics on 29 May 2009. He has been serving as the head of Department of Economics since July 2017 till date. The department has 4148 books in college library. Modern teaching methods are practiced and use of ICT is made in teaching and learning.

         On behalf of the Department of Economics in the college workshop and conferences for consumer have been conducted in the college to create financial awareness in the society. Also, the professor of the department have participated in state, National and International level conferences and seminar and have also published their research papers student of Department of Economics participated in various Departmental of Life Long learning and Extension, National Service Scheme and Earn-Learn. The faculty of the department always encourages  the students to participate in social activities.


  1. To create a interest among the students in Economics.
  2. To explain the importance of money to the student from the point of view of economics.
  3. To make them aware of the economic problems and policies of the Government to solve them.
  4. To create sense of  ethical moral values and social temperament among the students for good citizens.

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2Dr.DAPKE SANJAY ANANDA9420422052Resume


    • B.A.F.Y
    • B.A.S.Y
    • B.A.T.Y
    • M.A.F.Y
    • M.A.S.Y