Muscles Image Disturbance And you will Relationship Fulfillment Anywhere between Fat And you can Low-Fat Partnered Female

Muscles Image Disturbance And you will Relationship Fulfillment Anywhere between Fat And you can Low-Fat Partnered Female

OBJECTIVE: To determine body image disturbance and relationship satisfaction between obese and non-obese ple consisted of 100 participants. Data was collected through purposive sampling technique from different gyms and nutrient-clinics of Johar Town, Faisal Town and Model Town of Lahore city. Educated females having minimum education level of intermediate belonging to upper and middle-class families were recruited. The shortened form of Body Shape Questionnaire and Relationship Assessment Scale were administered, in addition to collecting demographic information through a semi structure performa. Independent sample t-test and Pearson’s Product-Moment Correlation was used in the analysis of the data, using SPSS v.21.RESULTS: Most of obese and non-obese married women (n=) were in the age range of 25-35 years and 30-40 years respectively with mean age of 34 years for obese and 33 years for non-obese married women. Husband’s mean age for obese and non-obese was 39 years and 38 years respectively. Almost all the non-obese (n=) while most of the obese (n=) married women were having education level of 16 or more while almost all the non-obese (n=) were working women and most (n=) of the obese were house wives. Thirty-two () non-obese were having 2-6 years while (n=) obese married women were having 7-9 years of marriage duration. A significant relationship was shown at the level of body image disturbance (p<0.000) and marital satisfaction (p<0.000) between obese and non-obese married women.CONCLUSION: Obesity has significant impact on body image and relationship satisfaction in married women.

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