Will Online Substitute Travelling?

Fact VS virtuality? Most people are maybe not prepared trade going on Internet. It was discovered during the survey, conducted from 4/30/14 to 7/17/14 by Meetville (online dating software to discover the right person).

The poll posed the next question «Is online a substitute to going?» and 69per cent of 47,892 voters agreed upon the clear answer «No». Different 31percent believe that Web can substitute travel on their behalf.

Chrispher S. Penn, a well-known journalist and a teacher of website marketing, is believing that its stupid to believe that innovation can change the entire melbourne casual encounters to be truth be told there face-to-face. “completely, there’s benefit and gain to be had by tracking, podcasting, and online streaming activities if you are there and those who can’t allow it to be, but don’t believe for a moment that present innovation can change the in-person experience”.

The study polled 47,892 individuals. Through the USA – 50percent, from Canada – 4per cent, from Britain – 13%, Australian Continent – 8percent and other countries – 25per cent.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, explains presented research as follows: we, exactly who took part in the survey, live in higly developped countries, where Web is part of daily life. People appreciate it, but no more consider Internet getting magic. Them all clearly understand difference in on the internet and actual everyday lives.

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